Coming to NINH THUAN, if you have not tried this kind of leaves, you have not called it to know all the local food of Phan Rang

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“Xao Dong” Leaves, also known as Ngoc Ngu Sac plant, is a wild forest tree, with a wooden body, small leaves, very healthy, drought-tolerant, previously growing everywhere in Ninh Thuan province, growing in many hills of Hoa Thuy and Thanh Tin sand are hot and dry places with very lack of water. Associated with this name is the sand Salamander, a species of reptile in the family of lizards living a lot in the dry conditions of Ninh Thuan, is a very tasty animal but has a fishy smell therefore indigenous people in Ninh Thuan has found a special kind of leaf to accompany with it and named Xao Dong Leaves, which often grows wild in areas where Salamanders burrow. The fruit trees look beautiful all year round, the fruits form in bunches of many colors, when the new fruit comes out it will be green, then turn pink, when old it turns to dark brown, purple, when ripe it turns black. Xao Dong Trees have many bunches of fruit on the tree. This tree is easy to grow and tolerates wind and drought very well, can be planted by sowing seeds or cutting branches or cuttings, plants planted by branching after about 2 months will give a lot of fruit. They grow a lot in the arid mountainous areas of Ninh Thuan. Xao Dong tree seems to be a rare medicinal plant that the natural sun bestows for people here. The young buds of the tree are used as a spice in salads, salads, stir-fries, especially salamanders or stir-fried Salamanders dishes, which have the effect of soothing, cooling, cooling and curing dry cough and hoarseness effectively. Eating Ninh Thuan Salamanders salad without Xao Dong leaves is like eating chicken salad without young lemon leaves. It is not clear when, that the Xao Dong leaves have existed in the long past and also in local culinary history. Xao Dong leaves are like a name that is repeated many times, especially with regional cuisine like the Cham - Raglai people in Ninh Thuan. Xao Dong leaf is like a spice leaf because it has a very special scent and is used most in many dishes, for example: Salted and ivy leaves, fried sheep with Xao Dong leaf, grilled chicken with salt and chili leaves, Xao Dong leaf eaten raw with grilled lamb, grilled goat with xao dong leaf ... they also make a pupa salad in bee stalk mixed with stir fried leaves, especially delicious and very nutritious and used regularly in parties of hardworking guy. Xao Dong is a plant that is easy to grow indoors or in the garden because it is both a beautiful ornamental plant if you take care of it and is very useful, both for medicine and as a spice plant, similar to Dinh lang plant. Therefore, when we come to Ninh Thuan, we have eaten all kinds of dishes under the sea in Ninh Thuan but we do not eat dishes with Ninh Thuan Dong leaves, we still do not know all Phan Rang cuisines.

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