Specialty dried apples in Ninh Thuan

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Ninh Thuan's specialty dried apples are made from wind apples - green apples grown in the sandy soil of Ninh Thuan. Ninh Thuan's dried apples have a pleasant aroma, sweet taste, beautiful color, and feel supple and fragrant when eaten. Dried apples are used to eat directly, can be added to teas, cakes, or other fruit drinks to create a more delicious flavor.

Specialty dried apples in Ninh Thuan

To make delicious dried apples, farmers, after harvesting the apples, wash and steam them. After that, soak it in grape juice for about 48 hours, put it in the oven to dry to moderate humidity, and then pack it. Ninh Thuan dried apples have a dark brown color, natural sweetness, and rich flavor thanks to the sweetness of grape nectar, not sugar or the use of any chemicals.

Tourists visit apple orchards in Ninh Thuan.

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