Discovering the natural masterpiece of Nuoc Ngot Beach in the midst of Ninh Thuan heaven and earth

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Nuoc Ngot Beach is located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province, on coastal road 702, where a stream flows into the sea and is separated by a white sand beach. This location is also in a prime location, surrounded by majestic high mountains and a year-round stream.

Freshwater beach (internet photo)

However, if you have come to Nuoc Ngot beach, do not rush to skip the evening gathering together to light a campfire. This is an unforgettable moment during the journey here. Imagine a flickering fire next to the aroma of attractive grilled seafood, along with melodious music filled with emotions.

Camping at Nuoc Ngot beach (internet photo)

Welcoming the sunrise at Nuoc Ngot Beach is one of the enchanting experiences of this sea. Early in the morning, visitors can climb the cliffs to watch the sunrise. The sunrise here is very beautiful, so visitors should quickly capture that memorable moment. Visitors will not only be intrigued and impressed, but they will also become addicted to what this place has to offer. It will surely be a wonderful trip that visitors will never be able to forget.

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