Traveling to the pagoda at the beginning of the year

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Traditional Tet is an opportunity for visitors to take a trip, go to the ceremony to pray for a year of luck and fortune. We're inviting visitors to Ninh Thuan to experience spiritual tourism and discover the culture of the local people during the spring festival.

1. Trung Son Co Tu

According to the concept of Vietnamese people, at the beginning of the year, they go to the temple to ask for fortune, praying for a new year of good luck and fortune. Trung Son Co Tu has attracted an increasing number of people to worship and visit from Tet to Spring in recent years.Not only Buddhists, but also non-Buddhists, come to experience the magical and shimmering scenery, from fields, villages, and mountains, the sea gently caressing in the spring breeze.

2. Sac tu Kim Son Tu

Another spiritual destination that is also visited by many tourists during Tet is Kim Son Pagoda. This is a typical Buddhist religious relic of the local people, where festivals, worship, meditation, and sermons are held. traditional and humanistic. Kim Son Tu is a temple famous both for its sacredness as well as for its charming scenery, connecting mountains and sea, creating relaxation and tranquility, making it very suitable for tourists to come to worship and visit during the spring festival.

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