Ninh Thuan: Green tourism

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Recently, in order to have a closer and more practical perspective when learning about the culture and life of indigenous people, instead of in luxury hotels, tourists choose to stay at homestays, a type of green tourism that attracts more and more tourists and will be their first choice in the future.

Ninh Thuan is a province favored by nature, with two national parks and beautiful landscapes, along with many ethnic groups such as Cham and Raglay people... this is an ideal condition for people to exploit natural beauty and uniqueness of indigenous culture.

Realizing that the transition to community-based tourism attracts tourists and brings high income, many households have learned experiences and started their business on tourism. Especially, the expansion of the homestay community, not only diversifies tourism products, but also helps to create jobs for local people, create friendliness and closeness between tourists and the indigenous as well as connect tourist models.

Tourism is an economic sector, developing community-based ecotourism is an inevitable trend to satisfy the growing demand of tourists and the community, this need is closely related to the continuous development of society, ensuring the overall future of a sustainable development. If the community tourism is massively developed, the negative impacts of tourism activities on the cultural & social life and socio-economic life of the region are significant, the normal life of local communities has a sense of disruption, intrusion, and serious natural environment.

Capturing the inevitable needs and trends, to ensure education, improve understanding for community tourists, and help to operate the most effective types of community accommodation services (homestay)... Tourism Promotion Information Center has organized many training programs on community-based tourism in many localities. On May 27, 2019, at the People's Committee of Lam Son Commune, lecturers of the Saigon Tourism College will help trainees take an overview of Homestay services; Common basic standards of Homestay services; The main types of Homestay services are being implemented in Vietnam; Principles and procedures for implementing Homestay services; Overviews of the status of tourism Homestay in Ninh Thuan; Current status of homestay tourism in Ninh Thuan; The weaknesses need to be overcome by the type of homestay tourism and the proposed solutions to improve the quality of homestay tourism.

The fact that people do tourism business, introduce places will help tourists more comfortable, they are able to share and experience more fully, contributing to the development of tourism more and more sustainable.

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