Ninh Thuan: Hon Do Beach – an attractive tourist destination

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Ninh Thuan Tourism - Exciting experience! It's not wrong with Ninh Thuan Tourism Slogan. This was also the mouth saying that I and my team talked for our backpacking tourism on the last days of winter. The cool breeze of north-east wind blew with the murmuring sea waves that made my soul soft, dispeled the worries of everyday life to admire the sky and the land there.

From the center of Phan Rang - Thap Cham, going along to the direction of Vinh Hy about 18km to My Hiep Village, Thanh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, walking along the golden sand strip on the beach for about 10 minutes, you will reach Hon Do Beach. Or you can drive on the way to the poplar forest, walking across the green poplar lines for about 5 minutes, Hon Do will be infront of you. This is an extremely popular and adventurous tourist destination that young people love to visit when coming to Ninh Thuan.

When the first morning sunlight begins to shine, this is also the time for the activities of the bustling fishing village to happen. The first batches of fish of the day pulled up by the fishermen or the busy work of harvesting seaweed are exciting experiences when coming there.

After experiencing being a true fisherman, our group continued to conquer the vast poplar forest on a high hill, there was a beautiful world behind the poplar hill that could make you extremely fascinated when arriving. Be still a deep blue of the sky, the waves crash onto the shore creating white foam in a large area, the ancient petrified coral reefs stretch for kilometers, there are small islands far away, the sand dunes go up and down and loom as a colorful picture.

Coming to Hon Do, besides taking beautiful photo albums, you can also choose for yourself other hobbies like relaxing fishing. Fishing at Hon Do has attracted not only us but this is an ideal, interesting playground for the locals on the weekends.

We said farewell to Hon Do with many emotional levels to the land of sunshine and wind. Ninh Thuan still has a lot of potentials and advantages to develop specific tourism products to improve competitiveness compared to regional provinces and Hon Do will be one of the interesting destinations in the journey to discover the Ninh Thuan land./.

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