Ninh Thuan: Visiting My Nghiep to enjoy special Lotus tea of Cham ethnic villages

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Going along the direction of National Highway 1A from Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, visitors can see an ancient village still preserving the Cham culture, which is My Nghiep brocade weaving village. Not far from the village, visitors can see the image of a large lotus field, such as "Thap Muoi Lotus Pond of Ninh Thuan". Between the hot summer sunshine Ninh Thuan, the colorful lotus flowers still bloom pretty & beautiful. This place has become a very familiar destination for many visitors who love lotus in and outside the province.

There, not only can you see a large pink lotus field up to 5ha, take check-in pictures, visitors can also experience how to make these fresh lotus flowers into delicious and tonic teapots. Nothing is more wonderful than sipping a cup of tea while eating a cake. The way to make well-known & tradition tea basing on herbs of Cham people according to their own know-how as follows: In the early mornings, people there come to the fields to choose the freshest flowers, fresh lotus buds and lotus leaves to make Lotus tea. Then, at home, they started refining flowers again. They will peel off each lotus flower, leaving the sepals on one side and petals on one side. Both wings and calyx of lotus will be washed, serving for drying to make tea. After washing and draining, they will select young lotus sepals, cut into small, thin pieces. The lotus will be filtered out to dry, the young lotus sepals are cut thin and small into pieces, the lotus leaves are dried, the lotus petals are also dried. Finished products are blends that can make an extremely delicious lotus teapot.

Lotus are grown and cared for in special areas where people only harvest flowers and stalks and not use pesticide & herbicide. Lotus are very beneficial for health that helps to relax, reduces stress, fatigue, reduces cholesterol, reduces blood fat, improves blood pressure stability, and prevents cancer, cardiovascular, or stroke... For the convenience of visitors, people there have made filter bags of lotus tea so visitors can bring them back as gifts for relatives and families. How to make lotus tea filter bags is also very simple: Put a filter bag into the cup, pour boiling water from 150 - 250ml, then wait 3-5 minutes, dip tea bags several times before using. Lotus tea has a very strong scent, fragrant, gentle, pure and fresh while owns the thousand-year smell of mud. Aftertaste of tea is sweet & attractive. Drinking a cup of lotus tea every day makes your mind refreshed, perky, and calm. So when you have the opportunity to visit My Nghiep Lotus Village in Ninh Thuan, visitors should not forget to buy lotus tea filter bag as a gift and use it for yourself. /

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