The beauty of Cham Ao Dai costume

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                Coming to Ninh Thuan Cham villages, visitors will be fascinated by the unique beauty of local women's costumes. The most memorable is the ao dai that does not split but embraces the slender body, lifting gracefully in each soft fabric. The collar is usually round or heart-shaped, with sparkling strings tied across the shoulder. Or tie it across the back and embroidered headscarf to create a charming and discreet beauty unique to Cham women in the province. Gentle and elegant as a lotus, Cham women in traditional Ao Dai are brilliantly charming and beautiful, captivating many visitors when visiting.

                Cham people follow the matrilineal system, so Cham women are the center of preserving unique cultural features. Cham clothes reflect the technical level of weaving, aesthetics, decoration, and cultural and religious characteristics. For Cham women, the traditional ao dai is the most sacred and precious garment. It is often worn in major festivals such as Kate, Ramuwan, the coming of age ceremony of Cham girls, wedding ceremonies, and other important rituals of the Cham people and wearing them in daily life. The waistband is always a unique highlight of the Cham costume, decorated with many unique patterns. The primary color is always bright red and golden, mainly woven by talented and skillful hands. The skill of Cham women in My Nghiep weaving village.

                To create a charm, Cham women often choose a headscarf to embellish harmonious shades. The headscarf gently stroked the young woman's cheeks, and a bright, charming Cham smile brightened a small corner of the traveler's heart. Experiencing many ups and downs of history, the Cham Ao Dai is now a symbol of the image of Cham people and contains the national soul. Besides a traditional costume, the Cham Ao Dai also shows good moral and aesthetic values ​​and is a precious heritage. When coming to Ninh Thuan, don't forget to buy or rent yourself a traditional Cham dress and transform into a Cham girl to take souvenir photos.

Writer: Thanh Phuong

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