Ninh Thuan - The destination for New Year.

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Traveling at the beginning of the year is a trend to welcome fortune and start a new year of peace and luck. For family and friends to share the moments of discovering new lands during the spring trip of the new year, Ninh Thuan will be a perfect choice.

1. Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay is probably a destination not to be missed when visiting the sunny and windy land of Ninh Thuan. It is likened to a landscape painting with colorful coral reefs, blue sea, and white sand, along with a wild and rustic scene, bringing peace and relaxation to visitors. Possessing a mild and pleasant climate all year round, Vinh Hy Bay is very suitable for diving to see the corals under the clear blue water, seeing through the bottom, with just a diving goggle and snorkel, visitors can explore a whole world of colorful corals. Along with that is a very rich cuisine with many kinds of fresh seafood such as clams, oysters, snails, crabs, shrimp, squids, sea urchins, etc. Visitors will be able to enjoy their meals during the spring travel journey to the resort.

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2. PoKlong Garai Tower

It is one of the unique architectural works of art containing the proud cultural and historical values ​​of the Cham ethnic people. PoKlong Garai Tower is not only meaningful in terms of architecture, but also a sacred place where cultural activities, religions, and traditional beliefs take place every year for the local Cham people. Located on a high hill and across a large campus, visitors can fully enjoy the scenery of Phan Rang-Thap Cham city while relaxing in a quiet and airy environment.


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3. Nam Hoa Vien

It is an ideal New Year's travel destination for families and young people. With the cool spring air, this is also the time when many flowers bloom, creating a poetic and vibrant scene. Visitors come to Nam Hoa Vien to experience, visit the Koi aquarium, the orchid garden, fully admire the scenery of flowers and take photos during Tet.

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4. Nui Chua Community Eco-tourism Area

This is one of the tourist attractions that will bring tourists to many interesting and attractive things. With an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, visitors will be able to participate in cultural exchanges, unique culinary experiences, visit the zoo, and check-in to live a super shimmering virtual life along with hundreds of photo angles.

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5. Hang Rai

Hang Rai will surely be a magical paradise that makes visitors fall in love from the first time they arrive. A place where the beauty of nature converges, a magnificent and ancient picture, the intersection between the mountains and the sea. The wild and peaceful space in Hang Rai will bring visitors a new atmosphere far from the noisy city. It is a place for visitors to have the ideal view to admire the scenery, be immersed in their own emotions, overflow with endless fresh inspiration, and take mesmerizing photos.

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6. Thai An Vineyard

Dubbed the land of Ninh Thuan grapes, Thai An Vineyard is now a name mentioned by many tourists. This place is like a lively green paradise, filled with bunches of fresh and fruity grapes. In addition to sightseeing and taking pictures, visitors can also enjoy authentic Ninh Thuan wine specialties at the garden, shop for products made from grapes, and cut bunches of fresh grapes to take home as sourvernirs.

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7. Tanyoli tourist area

It is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by majestic mountains, pristine beaches, and beautiful natural sand dunes. Tanyoli is a collection of scenes of blue sky, grass, flowers, etc. Try once to transform into a nomad, sleep in lovely Mongolian tents, experience the feeling of crossing the sub-deserts, immense sand, walking on the vast prairie, enjoying the view when the sun rises from the direction of the sand dunes and sets behind the mountains. This is the right time to take the best photos.

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8. Lo O Stream

As a stream in the ecosystem of Nui Chua National Park, with a diverse, rich, and unspoiled forest system, it has not been affected by many human influences, so the scenery here is quite intact, making visitors feel as if they are immersed in nature in the murmur of clear water, hidden among the green spring forest trees and echoing birdsong, separate from the noisy life in the city.

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