Ninh Thuan: Experience summer at Vinh Hy Bay

23/04/2020 4371 0

Ninh Thuan is a land associated with sand, hot sunshine and gravel, still retaining its pristine beauty, white sand and blue sea, and fruit trees suitable for sandy areas. With the desire to experience new places and beautiful scenes for this summer, Ninh Thuan will be a suitable place for visitors. Vinh Hy Bay is blessed with a poetic beauty and a great place for visitors to take beautiful pictures. This place brings a very peaceful feeling, you visitors can enjoy the salty taste of the sea, the aroma of wild orchids, the sound of the wind whistling through the sides of the boat... Vinh Hy Bay attracts many visitors, with a quite temperate & pleasant climate all year round, around May to August is the best time for visitors to visit.

Coming to Vinh Hy Bay, visitors will be immersed in the vast sea and admire the beautiful colorful coral reefs that nature has bestowed on Vinh Hy through the tour of bathing, diving, fishing and squid fishing... Glass bottom boat will carry visitors to visit destinations of Vinh Hy Bay such as Ca Ong Cape, Yen Cave, Rua Island... within 30 minutes. Then the boat will take visitors to the fishing spot. There, visitors will be learnt experiences and instructions on how to tie hooks, float fishing, prepare sinker, and catch fishing. After moments of silence and waiting, there will be the cheers and excitement when catching living fish, and every fish is pulled up is an interesting feeling & discovery for visitors, after waiting moments.

Spending time fishing, the boat takes visitors to the snorkeling site and admires the coral. Visitors will be equipped with diving goggles, snorkel, life jacket and instructions on how to use snorkel and diving goggles. There, visitors will see firsthand the fish swimming, the sea urchins, the starfish, and the exquisite colorful coral reefs in the ocean. After being released into the clear blue water, experiencing interesting things, the boat will take visitors to rest in Coc Beach, and enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood & specialties of Vinh Hy Bay.

Referring to Ninh Thuan, many people will immediately think of a land with only sun, wind and sand, extremely harsh. However, that thought will completely change when you arrive there. Though the movie scenes or the pictures are so beautiful no matter how, it is not complete with a visit to this place to live every day with full of love.

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